Young, smart people inspire me.

A few months ago, I spent a couple days at Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) in Huntington, IN. My friend Greg Erlandson asked if I knew Brandon Vogt, a young blogger and author with a book coming out in August. The question must have been divinely inspired.

At Greg’s suggestion, I contacted Brandon and we hit it off immediately. This young man is brilliant, and his inspirational book has just been released this week. He will soon appear on The Journey Home program, and many other places.

If you haven’t heard of Brandon or his book The Church and New Media yet, do yourself a favor – buy the book. Contributors include luminaries such as Fr. Robert Barron, Jen Fulwiler, Mark Shea, and many others.

I am extraordinarily grateful to Brandon for using his considerable talents to put together a tremendous book – and on top of it all, he’s donating the proceeds to establish computer labs in the Archdiocese of Mombasa, Kenya. Inspired yet?

To order the book, check out The Church and New Media web site and take a look at the fabulous trailer below. Great job, Brandon, this book is a real gift to the Church!