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Dr. Kevin Vost is a very smart guy. As it happens, he’s also a faithful guy, and a fit guy. And that’s not all, he’s also a gracious guy. I like him.

No, he’s not paying me for this.

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Vost when he was a guest on The Journey Home Show. He is also a regular on The Sonrise Morning Show on EWTN radio, and a fellow OSV author (From Atheism to Catholicism – the subject of an earlier post).

So it’s no wonder that I was very happy to see Dr. Vost’s new book, Tending the Temple: 365 days of spiritual and physical devotions, which he authored along with Shane Kapler and Peggy Bowes. What a great book!

We all know that taking care of our physical health is important, and the thing I like about this book is that it provides a roadmap for integrating our spiritual and physical lives – the way it should be.

For each day of the year, there is precisely one page to read. That’s not too much, right? There’s a scripture verse or quote (or two) to begin. Next, there’s a short reflection on a saint – always for great for inspiration. Finally, there’s an exercise, combining physical and spiritual wisdom.

It’s sometimes difficult to balance conflicting and all-too-numerous priorities in daily life. Thankfully, this book provides an eminently practical way of keeping focused on tending our temples: body, mind, and spirit.

Thanks so much, Dr. Vost, Shane and Peggy, for your tremendous work on this book!

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2 Responses to “Tending the Temple”
  1. John Flynn says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Kev! I just found him on Facebook, looking forward to the book!

  2. Kmbold says:

    It IS a good book. How could one page a day offer so much for the “compleat” person? By lifting our hearts and minds to God and His heavenly court and by addressing the condition of that temple wherein He dwells.

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