Are You a Team Player?

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if we truly applied our faith to every aspect of our lives?

Take work, for example. Most of us do something every day that could be characterized as work, regardless of whether we collect a paycheck for our efforts or not. Full time Moms, for example, work as hard as any of us – and certainly deserve our profound respect.

But can our faith actually help us to become better at our work? Conversely, can our work help us to grow in our faith?

Absolutely. Consider the subject of teamwork.

Most of us have to work with others on a daily basis who think differently than we do. We need one another, after all – complementary skill sets are a critical component of any team. So what happens when our differences cause friction?

In my experience in organizations large and small, workplace struggles with teamwork are commonplace. So as people of faith, let’s take the first step. To be a better team player, and to strive to serve others as Christ did, try the following:

1. Look for talents in others. We can be of great service to others by recognizing and encouraging their talents – even if it involves the occasional reprimand.
2. Use hurdles as stepping-stones. By our willingness to accept challenges gracefully, we become ever more open to following God’s calling in our lives.
3. Read the Bible and other spiritual books. This is a great way to allow God to speak to us.
4. Be humble. Humility is the foundation of spiritual development, and it holds untold spiritual and practical benefits.
5. Pray for your teammates. If there’s anyone in particular who irritates you, pray for him or her each day. This benefits the team, and it has the power to transform our own hearts.

Recognize that none of these items should cause any heartburn for teammates even the most secular of workplaces. Our faith shouldn’t be an impediment to effectiveness at work – it’s really an asset. Just think of the revolution that would occur if we all lived out our faith just a little bit better in our daily work. Let’s pray for one another!


Note: The above points are excerpted from Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck.

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6 Responses to “Are You a Team Player?”
  1. Rob says:

    Just got your book yesterday in the mail. Am very excited to read it, once I get done with my current book. I need help at work…

  2. Tradtrub says:

    We have the Saints and the Scripture anyone “searching” for the idea of offering everything up to God can find it for free. Ask yourself in all humilty Kevin. Who am I compared to the Saints? Am I offering new insight to this idea, or am I just repackaging someone elses theology/writing and claiming I am presenting it for a modern time? Finally, with the first two in mind, ask yourself why should anyone buy this re-presented idea? One Scott Hahn is enough, don’t you think?

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for your comments. You are quite right, I am nothing compared to the Saints, or Scott Hahn for that matter – although I am in debt to both. Should anyone buy the book? I’ll leave that to them. Perhaps it isn’t quite as bad as you seem to think. Scott liked it…

    • Kevin says:

      Mr. Ryan, you may not believe this, but you’ve won a free copy of my book. Based on your comment, I’m not sure you want it, but I’m happy to send it to you if you’ll provide me with your mailing address.

      Should you choose to read it, you’ll see that I use illustrations from my career that I hope will resonate with anyone seeking to grow closer to the Lord through our daily work. Many of the stories discuss my personal failures over a twenty year career – so I had lots of material with which to work!

  3. Tari says:

    Boy folks can find ways to be negative in everything if they really try.
    I don’t believe there can be enough Scott Hahn’s in the world. Think of that world, wouldn’t it be grand.

    If you really think about it, the teaching of the Saints and many writings “re-present” the Good News from the Lord. They offer new ways for those teachings to reach us, or just like any other teaching …. they remind us to focus on what we know but have forgotten to put into practice.

    I loved the book. A quick read, interesting with practical suggestions on how to integrate it into our work life. I have used it as inspiration already and it didn’t prevent me from reading scripture at the same time.

    Many Blessings all!


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