“How are things at work?”

I’ve asked this question of friends countless times, usually with a sympathetic grin. It’s a question that acknowledges the fact that work is fraught with difficulties. Perhaps an ongoing disagreement with the boss or a coworker. Insufficient hours in the workday. Fear of being downsized. The tough part about work often isn’t the work itself.

We’ve all been there. Anxiety about work runs hot in today’s hyper-productive culture, and we feel it acutely, at a visceral level. At the same time, our faith tells us there’s something more. Scripture and good homilies remind us time and time again: be not afraid.

Friends have shared lots of answers to my casual inquiry over the course of time, and I’m genuinely interested. In fact, I’ve been given a great opportunity by my local Catholic radio station, St. Gabriel Catholic Radio (AM820) in Columbus. Each weekday morning, they’re running a “Faith at Work minute” during morning drive time. For a sample, listen here: Faith at Work minute #1Faith at Work minute #2, and Faith at Work minute #3.

These short reflections are intended to provide just a bit of encouragement for those on the way to work each day. Incidentally, they’re available for syndication (about seventy have been recorded thus far), if you’re interested let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the good folks at St. Gabriel.

Another opportunity arose recently, with the advent of a weekly series on EWTN radio’s Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick. Each week, we’re exploring matters of faith in the workplace, beginning with chapters in my newly released book. It’s a great honor, and I’m interested in making it relevant for you. If you’d like to hear the discussion, listen from 7:23 to 7:30 EST on Monday mornings.

So… how are things going for you at work? I would love to hear from you, about your successes and failures, challenges and opportunities. Perhaps your response will lead to a new Faith at Work minute topic, or a discussion on the Son Rise Morning Show.

Please leave comments below, or send me an email at gratefulconvert (at) gmail (dot) com. May the Lord prosper your work, and let’s pray for one another!