One of the reasons I’m a grateful convert is through the inspiration of others who have responded to the gospel message in wonderful ways. An example is Ann Voskamp, an advocate for Compassion and fellow Canadian. Ann is from a non-denominational tradition, although she believes in the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds. I like her.

Of course, if she ever reads Humanae Vitae (Ann and her husband have six children) she could wind up a grateful convert herself.

Kathi is a follower of Ann’s blog, and shared a link that’s well worth reading. Here’s the part that pierced me to the core. In Ann’s trip to Guatemala City, and visit to the dump, she tells of a conversation with the father of a family visiting the Compassion Center. The family lives in the dump. Here’s the question:

“What are your dreams for your children when you live in a dump? What are your prayers? What is your hope in all this decaying mess?”

The father’s answer, ringing out clear and true:

All that matters is that they follow the Lord, that they live only for the Lord.”

This man’s response, full of wisdom and humility, illustrates the ultimate, universal goal of Christian parenting. As I have told my children countless times, “I don’t care what you become. I care who you become. All that matters is the faith.”

This father’s circumstances are more dire, more painful, more tragic than most of us could ever imagine. Yet his example of true love for his children – and expression of hope – is worth remembering and emulating. He inspires me.

Who inspires you?