I asked my thirteen year old daughter to write this post for me. She wanted to write about herself – a great subject, to be sure, but not the one I had requested.

So I kept the computer. All she has is a tiny little iPod, not to mention strands of blue hair (“Dad, they’re just extensions”) so I’ll write the post, and she can keep listening to music and reading her book. Besides, she’s baking brownies, and that requires focus. I support her completely in this endeavor.

There’s really not much to say today anyway, besides offering my sincere thanks to my friend and boss Marcus Grodi for the honor of appearing on The Journey Home show once again on EWTN. We discussed conversion, my new book Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck, and the difference being Catholic has made in our lives.

In case you missed it, check it out below. Many blessings!