Lowry Faith at Work coverGIVE THE GIFT OF FAITH AT WORK – The feedback on Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck has been tremendous. Many people have purchased copies for coworkers, friends and family members, and others have reported great experiences using the book for discussion groups. Thank you!

All copies ordered through this website will be signed by the author, and shipped free of charge.

Faith at Work encourages Catholics – and all Christians – to fully integrate faith into our everyday work lives. By doing so, we are able to find new meaning as our work experiences to draw us closer to Christ, while sanctifying each work day and acting as a source of grace for others. In today’s work environments, we have an unparalleled opportunity to reflect Christ’s light in practical ways, such as treating others with dignity, handling adversity with grace, and applying a long-term (eternal!) perspective to everyday situations. Through our faithfulness in even small matters (for example, commenting positively about our spouse to a co-worker) the Holy Spirit can use our daily work to transform lives.

The book uses anecdotes and examples of the faith being applied to work situations, highlighting opportunities for us to excel in both spiritual and practical terms. Topics include finding meaning in our work, building solid teams, overcoming interpersonal strife, flourishing through adversity and living the beatitudes. Have you ever experienced workplace attitudes or practices that don’t square with your faith? Need some encouragement with a difficult relationship at work? Want to turn your work into prayer? This book is for you!

A truly successful career consists not only of earning a paycheck, it also helps us to achieve the ultimate purpose: to become saints through holiness in our daily lives, and lead others to Christ. Through being faithful Catholics, and with the strength of the sacraments, we bring Christ to others in the workplace and participate in God’s plan of salvation for our lives.

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