What a surprise!

Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck has arrived! Yes, way ahead of schedule. I’m shocked, thrilled – and completely unprepared.

The purpose of this book is to help Christians become better workers, and workers become better Christians. Our everyday work is one of the greatest opportunities we have for growing closer to Christ! At the same time, we can be more effective than ever, and find new purpose in our work.

Do you want to recapture your sense of mission in your work? Balance family obligations more effectively? Become a better team player? Find new motivation for treating others with dignity? Make the most of workplace diversity? Thrive even through the most difficult circumstances? Whatever your line of work, this book is for you.

By God’s grace, there is purpose to be found in our work.

My hope is that Catholics, and all Christians, will find Faith at Work to be a source of encouragement, challenge, and inspiration.

Please consider purchasing one or more copies of the book! There are a couple different ways to order. If you want signed copies fast, please order through the Paypal “Buy Now” button to the right. I’ll send your signed copies right away, with no cost for shipping. If you’re interested in buying in quantity for your organization or study group, discounts are available for purchases of ten copies or more, please contact me.

The book is also available through Amazon, please click the link to the right. It’s a little cheaper, although you have to buy more stuff in order to get free shipping (spend more to save… that concept continues to elude me). The book isn’t at Amazon’s warehouse yet, so give it a few more days.  If you visit the book page on Amazon, I would really appreciate it if you would “like” it, and consider posting a review.

I’d also like to ask for your prayers, and help in sharing this post with your family members, friends and network. Writing the book has been a singular privilege, I hope it helps you – and by grace, many others – find purpose beyond the paycheck. Those who reviewed advance copies of the book certainly seemed to like it, please check out the wonderful list of endorsements. Could the President of Wendy’s, the founder of Legatus, a Cardinal, and many other terrific people be wrong? Here are just a couple examples:

Faith at Work is an important reminder that we are called to live our faith in our work… keeping Christ at the top of one’s priorities, regardless of the demands of the workplace. J. David Karam, President, Wendy’s International, Inc.

Faith At Work is both practical and inspiring! Tom Monaghan, Founder, Domino’s Pizza, Inc. and Ave Maria University

Faith at Work sheds great light on the pathway to a genuine life in the Spirit. This insightful and engaging book offers practical guidance to transforming the routine of everyday work… Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

Finally, the most over-the-top of them all:

I’ve known Kevin Lowry as a Catholic and a businessman for the better part of two decades. And I’ve been waiting all that time for him to write THE book on faith in the workplace. Reading this book is a privilege — like the chance to learn shortstop from Derek Jeter or songwriting from Paul McCartney. Take notes. Mike Aquilina, Author and Executive Vice President of The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Thank you for visiting, my prayers are with you to find new purpose in your work – and grow in your faith!