This is my friend Dan Lord. No, he’s not in pain, he just needs a job to support his wife and five kids. Fast.

Dan was referred to me by my friend Randy Hain at The Integrated Catholic Life, an outstanding website. Randy is a professional recruiter, and knows that part of the job search game is numbers. It’s important to get a candidate in front of as many employers as possible.

Dan has a Master’s in Theology from the University of Dallas, and has one heck of an impressive and diverse lists of talents – including being the lead singer for a band called Pain (which better explains the photo above). He has a great web site that just won an award, and his wife Hallie is a terrific blogger herself.

So let’s do Dan a favor, and send his resume to everyone we know who might have a spot for this talented guy and Catholic brother. Dan can write, he can edit, perform database management, help out in fundraising, you name it. When I asked about his goal, he said it’s “to use my creative writing skills and my abilities to guide and direct worthy Catholic projects to a fruitful end.” Sounds pretty good to me. Dan and his family are willing to relocate if necessary, the important thing is connecting with a good organization, ideally a Catholic apostolate.

Even if you can’t help Dan directly, please join me in praying for him, and give him some encouragement by commenting on this post or directly on his web site. Thank you!