Recovering Faith

I love a good story. One of the things I appreciate most about having my conversion story included in Patrick Madrid’s Surprised by Truth 2 is that it’s such a compelling book. I pick it up every year or two and re-read it, because the stories always resonate and provide inspiration. That’s... [Read more...]

The Purpose Driven Blog

Why Another Blog, Anyway? As a newcomer to the world of social media, I had to decide on the purpose of my blog and web site. It struck me today, while jogging on the treadmill, that this purpose might not be self-evident. As you might expect from the site name, my motivation is one of gratitude. And... [Read more...]

By What Authority?

The Corapi Division Like many faithful Catholics, I am deeply saddened by the continuing drama surrounding John Corapi. Since I first became Catholic, the former “Fr. Corapi” was an articulate and energetic preacher. For his work over the past twenty years, he has my gratitude. Much has been written... [Read more...]

Reasons to be Grateful

The Pope doesn’t take advice from Alec Baldwin I love being Catholic. There are so many reasons to be grateful, I hardly know where to begin. But one jumped out at me yesterday. “Anthony Weiner is a Modern Human Being” screamed the headline. Or so says actor Alec Baldwin in a recent Huffington... [Read more...]

The Godless Delusion

My last blog post on Neil Peart got me thinking – I sure wish Neil’s reading list included a few books by Patrick Madrid. Pat has been a friend for many years, and will always have my gratitude for publishing my conversion story in his book Surprised by Truth 2. So just in case Neil happens... [Read more...]


Respecting – and praying for – non-believers I grew up in southern Ontario (Canada), and lived in a couple small towns for several years before moving to Willowdale on the north side of Toronto. Willowdale, or North York as it’s now called, is home to the Canadian rock trio Rush. Part of my misspent... [Read more...]

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