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The Value of a Woman – Part II

Have you ever been really angry, only to have your anger morph into gratitude? It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? When I posted “The Value of a Woman” last week, I was pretty upset about my wife being treated poorly by a “scumbag” salesman. To those who took exception to my description of the salesman,... [Read more...]

The Bill Gates of Blurbs

Mike Aquilina is one of my best friends, my daughter Maria’s godfather, and a prolific writer. He is also the Bill Gates of blurbs. Mike provided the original impetus for me to begin writing. When we met many years ago, he was the editor of the Pittsburgh Catholic diocesan newspaper. Later Mike... [Read more...]

The Value of a Woman

I have rarely been so angry. Last week, Kathi called me at work. We were in the process of selling a car, and the prospective buyer had asked us to drive it over to her mechanic friend for an inspection. No problem, we thought. Until Kathi arrived at the seedy used car lot where the mechanic friend worked. Out... [Read more...]

Thank You, Father!

Amazing. I’ve been shaking my head over this all day, muttering words of gratitude and offering up astonished prayers. Not only did I receive an extraordinary, gracious and fantastic endorsement of my forthcoming book, “Faith at Work: Making a Career of Becoming a Saint” today, it came... [Read more...]

The Church and New Media

Young, smart people inspire me. A few months ago, I spent a couple days at Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) in Huntington, IN. My friend Greg Erlandson asked if I knew Brandon Vogt, a young blogger and author with a book coming out in August. The question must have been divinely inspired. At Greg’s suggestion,... [Read more...]

More Faith at Work

Aren’t word plays fun? I have always appreciated the value of a nice, ambiguous slogan or phrase. Faith at work in particular is one that has consistently resonated with me. For some people, the phrase could mean that the faith itself is at work, in lives or situations. It’s always a joy seeing the... [Read more...]

Allen Hunt’s Faith at Work!

Another endorsement for my forthcoming book, “Faith at Work: Making a Career of Becoming a Saint” showed up today! Allen Hunt is the host of the nationally syndicated talk radio program The Allen Hunt Show. He is scheduled to appear on The Journey Home program with my boss and friend Marcus... [Read more...]

Faith at Work

Among the items on my gratitude list this past week: the manuscript for my first book, “Faith at Work: Making a Career of Becoming a Saint” was approved by Bert Ghezzi. Thank you Bert! Of course, there’s still a long road before the book’s release in March of 2012. One of the... [Read more...]

Excuse You!

Kathi and I watched “Of Gods and Men” recently on DVD, and thought it was fabulous. It’s the story of several Trappist monks who struggle for peace and unity in the face of very real danger. One scene in particular stuck with me. With pressure mounting and tempers flaring, two of the... [Read more...]

Foreign Inspiration

One of the reasons I’m a grateful convert is through the inspiration of others who have responded to the gospel message in wonderful ways. An example is Ann Voskamp, an advocate for Compassion and fellow Canadian. Ann is from a non-denominational tradition, although she believes in the Nicene and... [Read more...]

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