Some of my favorite authors and bloggers – click on the pictures or links to purchase their books or check out their web sites:

Amy Welborn – has written an extraordinary number of great books, including the “Prove It” series. See Amy’s blog here.




Dr. Bert Ghezzi – Bert is my acquisition editor at Our Sunday Visitor and a veteran writer, full of wisdom. See his web site here.




Brandon Vogt – a protoge of Bert Ghezzi’s and extraordinarily talented young author and blogger. Watch for him to go places!




Danielle Bean – wonderful author, and her blog is among my wife Kathi’s favorites.




Elizabeth Ficocelli– also from the Columbus, Ohio area, has written tons of good books for children and adults. See her web site here.




Eric Sammons – a fellow Franciscan University graduate with a new book and a great blog.




George Weigel – blessed John Paul II’s biographer, I like everything he writes. Also see his blog here.




John Flynn – a new friend who has a terrific blog and is the genius behind Kickstart Media, the web site and blog design firm responsible for this site.




Karl Keating – founder of Catholic Answers, everything you want to know about apologetics.




Dr. Kevin Vost – past guest on The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi, regular on the Sonrise Morning Show. His web site is here.




Marcus Grodi – my talented and gracious boss, the real deal both on-screen and off. He even writes good fiction!




Mark Shea – wonderful writer and blogger, his stuff is always both clever and funny.




Matt Swaim – another guest on The Journey Home, producer of the Sonrise Morning Show and an extremely talented young blogger too.




Mike Aquilina – my good friend and prolific author and blogger – Mike encouraged me to begin writing in the first place.




Patrick Madrid – another friend, and the guy who originally published my conversion story – thanks, Pat. See his web site and blog here.




Dr. Paul Thigpen– working with Paul at The Coming Home Network was a privilege – he’s a rock star.




Dr. Scott Hahn – friend and theologian, Scott was instrumental in my conversion, and gave me my first rosary. See Scott’s web site here.