Faith at Work

Among the items on my gratitude list this past week: the manuscript for my first book, “Faith at Work: Making a Career of Becoming a Saint” was approved by Bert Ghezzi. Thank you Bert! Of course, there’s still a long road before the book’s release in March of 2012. One of the... [Read more...]

Excuse You!

Kathi and I watched “Of Gods and Men” recently on DVD, and thought it was fabulous. It’s the story of several Trappist monks who struggle for peace and unity in the face of very real danger. One scene in particular stuck with me. With pressure mounting and tempers flaring, two of the... [Read more...]

Foreign Inspiration

One of the reasons I’m a grateful convert is through the inspiration of others who have responded to the gospel message in wonderful ways. An example is Ann Voskamp, an advocate for Compassion and fellow Canadian. Ann is from a non-denominational tradition, although she believes in the Nicene and... [Read more...]

Which Came First, The Leader or the Followers?

Leadership. We hear the word everywhere these days. It seems like every time we turn around, another seminar, book or webcast is promising to help us become better leaders. Leadership development opportunities abound, and for good reason. By learning the principles and examples of great leaders, we internalize... [Read more...]

Intro to “Busyness”

I don’t remember much of 1992. At the time, I was a young husband and father. My wife Kathi and I had two young boys, the first born in 1990, the second in 1991. The boys were a source of great joy, and great exhaustion – as any parent with young children will attest. Then, not so many months later,... [Read more...]

The JPII Multiplier Effect

Blessed Pope John Paul II is one of the reasons I’m Catholic today. And I’m in good company. In early 1990, my Dad had an opportunity to visit the Vatican and stay for a week. As a hobby, he had developed a computerized Bible that was searchable and could be used for biblical study and research.... [Read more...]

The Love of a Parent

I love my kids. Being a parent is a wonderful gift, even though I sometimes joke that I’m not ready for children. But ready or not, they’re here, all eight of them – from 21 years old down to 4. I have often marveled at the mathematical improbability of having eight children who all seem to be... [Read more...]

Recovering Faith

I love a good story. One of the things I appreciate most about having my conversion story included in Patrick Madrid’s Surprised by Truth 2 is that it’s such a compelling book. I pick it up every year or two and re-read it, because the stories always resonate and provide inspiration. That’s... [Read more...]

He’s A Nice Priest!

Yesterday, I was preparing to lector at our parish and receiving some last-minute instructions from my friend Martha, lector extraordinaire. In walked Msgr. Anthony Borrelli, the celebrant of the Mass. “Which one of you knows the most about computers?” he asked. Martha and I promptly pointed... [Read more...]

The Purpose Driven Blog

Why Another Blog, Anyway? As a newcomer to the world of social media, I had to decide on the purpose of my blog and web site. It struck me today, while jogging on the treadmill, that this purpose might not be self-evident. As you might expect from the site name, my motivation is one of gratitude. And... [Read more...]

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