In a beautifully orchestrated sequence of events – that I had nothing to do with whatsoever – my work on Faith at Work is officially done. From this point, it’s in the capable hands of the OSV team.

The “page edits” have been turned in as of today (I’m learning all this new terminology) and I got one last blurb from Fr. Ray Ryland, a dear friend and chaplain of The Coming Home Network. What to do? I figured offering pre-orders for signed copies with free shipping might be a great way to celebrate!

Fr. Ray is a marvel – he is a former Episcopal minister who converted to Catholicism with a dispensation from celibacy (he’s married – he and his wonderful wife Ruthie have five adult children). But that’s just the beginning. He’s also got a law degree, a Ph.D., and a fantastic sense of humor! Fr. Ray and Ruthie are good friends with my parents, and are true inspirations.

Recently, Fr. Ray passed a major milestone himself when he turned 90 years old. When I saw him shortly after that, he told me that when he turned 90, he realized that old age doesn’t begin until 95!

I couldn’t have asked for a better final endorsement for the book. Please join me in prayers of gratitude for the opportunity to write this book, which I hope helps many people to draw closer to Christ in their everyday work. Also, I sure would appreciate it if you would consider pre-ordering a copy! Here’s what Fr. Ray had to say:

We Catholics are notoriously weak in witnessing to our faith. As an enthusiastic, well-informed convert, Mr. Lowry unerringly guides us into the 1-2-3’s of “letting our lights shine” for Christ. This book is clearly written, eminently practical in its advice. All of us can profit greatly from reading it and putting it into practice. 

I have to admit, the “Mr. Lowry” reference made me smile. It’s a reflection of Fr. Ray’s humility. I am glad he told me about the old age thing beginning at 95, what a relief – I have another 50 plus years to go. So here’s to milestones big and small, and a prayer of gratitude for a priest who is a tremendous gift to all who know him.