Can You Hear Me Now?

Patience My wife Kathi and I had the breathtaking lack of foresight and basic math skills to discover one day, much to our horror, that we were living with four teenagers. Simultaneously. Add to that our four younger ones, waiting in the wings with smirks on their faces. Divine payback is rough. Influencing... [Read more...]

Daily Dissonance

Taking Small Steps Towards Sanctity I believe. In fact, it’s one of those things I don’t consider often anymore. I made up my mind long ago, after a long and arduous journey, to put all my chips in the corner of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. There’s no question in my mind when I recite... [Read more...]

A Novel Penance

Placing Trust in God My Dad went to confession a couple weeks ago. Not a particularly noteworthy event in itself, but this time he called me right away to report his penance: trust God more. Deceptively simple. I have been struggling with the challenge implicit in this penance ever since. Of course,... [Read more...]

You’re Talented!

Encouraging Others My oldest son Christian was born with a gift for fixing stuff. Anything, really. So while he lived at home, he was our home improvement guru, plumber, and handyman. Even more important, he inherited the computer gene from my Dad – a gene that completely skipped me. When the wireless... [Read more...]

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